GB30 Grain Buggy - Chaser Bin

GB30 Grain Buggy - Chaser Bin

White Industries have been designing and producing innovative grain buggies for the agricultural market since the early 70's. Their latest offering sees the familiar functionality, but a dramatic change in design. 


Superior designed Equalizer/ Walking beams.

The 750 mm of travel gives more travel on contoured country and in gullies, eleiminating chasis stresses caused by suspension bottoming out.

Thordon bushing used in equalizer beams which never needs greasing.

Heavy duty Australian made Hubs and Stubs axles.

Bin construction consists of ocmponenet parts Powder coated prior to bolted assembly.

This construction, not only allows for the powder coat finish but is also a great advantage for ease of mending unforeseen damage.

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New equipment
White Industries
30 Tonne
Standard features: 
3m wheel centres for controlled traffic
No hydraulic hoses or rams inside bin, meaning there is no chance of contamination of grain with hydraulic oil. Giving ease of maintenance.
Discharge of 10 tonne per minute at 700 rpm
19" lift auger balanced for high speed operation 14" cross auger
Hardbro GB26 Gearbox
Inspection door on transfer box gives easy access for maintenance
Adjustable discharge Chute clearance 4170mm to ground
Bin sides 37 degree angle ensures a complete emptying
Large access door in back of bin (no tedious unbolting)
With safety feature, accessible only when empty
Folding ladder with comfortable wide step treads
All inner top bracing folded at 30 degrees for unhindered grain flow
Both right and left hand internal shut off slides lift in unison so as to allow for even unloading of bin
3 large windows at the front and 1 large rear window for ease of sight into bin for operator
Grain sample door designed for easy access
3 piece hinged bottom clean out door for easy cleaning
Adjustable hitch
Heavy duty Roll Top Tarp
Optional features: 
Indicator Lights
Unload Auger Work Light
Rear flashing light
Oversize sign
Intermediate PTO drive shaft with bearing support for undulating terrain